Asset visibility

Visibility can be defined as “the ability to see or be seen”. You want to “see” your assets and your assets deserves to be “seen”. This is exactly what Fleetmonitor can provide you with – Asset Visibility.

When it comes to freight assets such as locomotives, wagons and containers, the visibility is often limited. This has a negative impact on asset utilization, service quality and of course, cost efficiency and profitability. But how can you improve a complex process without seeing and understanding its details? True optimization requires visibility and control.

A direct link to your assets gives you the possibility to do more intelligent business. Decisions having a direct impact on both you and your customers should be based on facts and not guesstimates, don’t you think? With our services for asset and fleet monitoring, you can make even more calculated business decisions. So let us connect you with your fleet.

We provide timely and accurate information on the location, movement, status and usage of each of your assets. But there is more to it than that: With innovative and powerful tools, we give you the ability to act upon that information to improve your overall performance.

The web-based Fleetmonitor portal is a state of the art solution that supports everything from daily operational monitoring and logistics activities to strategic analysis and business intelligence. By integrating your internal data with Fleetmonitor’s information and services, your asset and supply-chain visibility will reach new heights.

Fleetmonitor is the result of many years of experience and creative collaboration with our customers. Our continuously ongoing research and development is based on our customers’ needs, wishes and requirements – not technical trends or buzzwords.


What we do


The need

The need

Fleetmonitor satisfies many needs, a few examples:
  • Monitor, measure and analyze transport and turnaround times.
  • Reduce the time assets spend at customers, workshops and other sites.
  • Improve and automate business processes by integrating data from various sources.
  • Base logistics planning and scheduling on real facts and not on guesstimates.
  • Improve the service level, pro-activity and business offerings towards customers.
  • Monitor temperature sensitive cargo during transport

The solution

The solution

Based on your needs and requirements, we combine different services in our portfolio into service packages which are providing exactly the information and tools you need.
Of course, you can add in more or new services and features over time.
Each service package gets a fixed monthly fee per asset – all inclusive.


The delivery

The delivery

Since Fleetmonitor is a one-stop-shop, we deliver a complete telematics service including all the technology, financing and operations that is required to give you true asset visibility.
The delivery lead-times of our services are not weeks or months, things can be up and running within days.
Our technical and human resources take care of the whole service delivery – all the hard parts and all the soft parts.

The future

The future

After implementation – device installation, calibration of services and user training – you are ready to start reaping the benefits of asset visibility.
To maximize these benefits, we always remain at your side providing expertise, advise and consulting to help you develop.
Also, we continuously add new features and improvements to your existing service packages.
The current digitalization and the evolving IoT landscape present many new opportunities – we help you to seize the right ones.

  • Devices & Sensors

    We use different device models depending on application. Since we deliver complete managed services, we have the highest requirements on both the functionality and the quality of the products we use.

    1. All models are certified and approved
    2. Internal and external sensors
    3. High-sensitivity GPS-modules
    4. ATEX-certification (94/9/EC)
    5. Up to 10 years autonomy
    6. Flexible installation
    7. Made in EU
  • Connectivity

    Coming from the telecoms industry we have detailed knowledge of both the possibilities and the challenges related to mobile network connectivity. In our managed service delivery, we use a solution giving us the best possible quality and control.

    1. Global GSM/GPRS coverage
    2. Multiple networks per country
    3. Encrypted and secure
    4. Monitored and controlled
  • Service platform

    Our service platform is a complex technical solution and it is designed for our specific business. It is built on strict requirements regarding reliability, availability, security and quality, just like business-critical platforms in the telecoms industry always are.

    1. High availability
    2. Geographic redundancy
    3. Highest IT and data security – top scoring
    4. APIs for data and device integration
  • Portal

    Our powerful and web based portal allows you to access Fleetmonitor when- and wherever you need it. Some of the main features are:

    1. Analytics - Business Intelligence
    2. Observation logs
    3. Still and idle time
    4. Mileage calculation
    5. Transport- and turnaround times
    6. Product temperature
    7. Alarms and reports
    8. User groups and branding
    9. General and rail specific geographical information and maps (GIS)
    10. Customizable geo-zones (POIs)
    about images
  • Service operations & development

    Our Managed Service concept means that we take full responsibility for running the whole solution. We operate, support and develop. You use and benefit from our information services and tools.

    1. Hosting in a high-quality environment -
      ISO 9001/14001/27001/27015/27018
    2. Performance monitoring 24/7/365
    3. Service and maintenance
    4. Support
    5. Security audits
    6. Continuous development – hardware and software.
      More than one hundred new features and improvements
      are added on a yearly basis.
  • Professional services

    Being the first and the most experienced Managed Service provider of rail and intermodal asset monitoring means that we have tons of knowledge and expertise. We are happy to let you benefit from this in various ways.

    1. Project management
    2. Device installation
    3. Training
    4. Consulting
    5. Customer specific development



Leave nothing to chance. Fleetmonitor gives you the facts about your assets and how they are used. The tools needed to monitor and analyze your assets both in real-time and historically are right there at your fingertips. Whether you want alarms in real-time if something deviates from plan or if you want to analyze trends and identify problems or weak points, with Fleetmonitor you are always in control.


Using Fleetmonitor gives our customers a combination of increased fleet capacity, reduced time to, from and at customers, workshops and own sites, reduced number of empty transports and a reduction of general transport costs – all due to improved utilization. Some of our customers reduce their fleet size, others use the increased capacity to transport more volume with the same fleet.


Fleetmonitor improves the quality of your transport information, both internally and externally. This enables you to improve the quality in many parts of your business, e.g. production planning, transport scheduling and dispatching, customer service and proactivity, overall delivery reliability and sometimes even the quality of the cargo itself. Our customers experience improved relations with both suppliers and customers.


If you are transporting hazardous cargo, you will be a lot more comfortable thanks to the visibility Fleetmonitor enables. By making sure you always know exactly where your assets are, where they have been and also how the cargo itself is doing, you eliminate a lot of the questions that arise on a daily basis. Fleetmonitor gives you increased visibility throughout the supply chain, increasing your safety.


We have extensive experience integrating Fleetmonitor with our customers’ own information systems. Integrating the systems gives you a very powerful environment to control your fleet. Information can flow both ways, letting you decide what interface is the best for the situation. Automation of processes and even better business intelligence are two examples of new opportunities.


Fleetmonitor really has one goal – to provide you with the information you need, when you need it and in a way that is easy for you to work with it. Our goal is to make complex processes as easy as possible for you. We take responsibility for everything from mapping out your needs and deliver a complete solution to making sure it keeps on running, and improving, for years to come. A true managed service delivery is something beautiful.


Instead of chasing information about your assets, Fleetmonitor enables your assets to tell you what you need to know. No matter if you are working with scheduling, maintenance, customer service, sales or business development, our tools makes it easier for you to do your work. Spend your valuable time on your core business and let Fleetmonitor provide the visibility and the tools you need to improve and develop.


Fleetmonitor gives you tools to improve the maintenance process. By monitoring your assets’ workshop visits you can easily identify possible improvements. You always have exact track-length mileage of your rolling stock. You get an alert at different measure points of your choosing (mileage, geography, time since last maintenance etc.). Make sure you do your maintenance when it is needed, based on facts, not theory.


We serve the rail and intermodal freight industry. Our customers are operators, shippers, producers and service providers. We provide asset visibility and control for all types of rail assets and intermodal units. Some of our customers are:

Green Cargo uses Fleetmonitor services in different areas.
For example dynamic wagon monitoring of international freight services for key accounts like Volvo and monitoring of locomotives.
A data integration solution feeding data into Green Cargo’s internal business systems is in operation since several years.

Green Cargo is a Swedish rail freight operator providing railway logistics solutions on both national and international markets.

Fleetmonitor gives OCI Nitrogen greater visibility and better control of all rail transports of this hazardous cargo. Wagon transports all over Europe are monitored on a movements basis – of course with ATEX-certified telematics devices.
A sophisticated two-way data integration adds even more visibility to the solution and enables some automation of processes and the development of powerful business intelligence.

OCI Nitrogen is a leading manufacturer of Ammonia-based products mainly used in Fertilizers and Melamine production.

ALBATROSS is one of the first tank container leasing companies to integrate a telematics-based asset monitoring solution into its service offering. The solution is called ALBATROSS Sky and is provided and powered by Fleetmonitor.
The customers of ALBATROSS can thereby track and monitor their tank containers all over the world.

ALBATROSS Tank-Leasing is a new, innovative tank container leasing company and a part of Sinochem International Logistics.

CABB is using both rail tank wagons and intermodal tank containers in its logistics operations. All assets are monitored by Fleetmonitor and this helps CABB to reduce still and idle times in the total transport chain. Tank containers going to other continents such as Asia and The Americas are made visible.
A data integration with CABB’s internal transport management system complements the Fleetmonitor portal.

CABB is a globally operating company in the fine chemicals industry, with production in several countries.

About Fleetmonitor

Our vision with Fleetmonitor is to create visibility through the entire supply chain. We are committed to add value and enable improvements and new opportunities for our customers.

Rail and intermodal transport companies of different kinds as well as producing companies across Europe are satisfied users of Fleetmonitor. We provide asset visibility and help them to monitor all sorts of freight assets – from locomotives to all types of rail freight wagons and intermodal loading units.

The solution which today is Fleetmonitor is the result of many years of experience and development. The founders started to work with telematics for non-powered freight assets back in 2000 within Ericsson, the leading provider of ICT solutions. Fleetmonitor was established in 2007 and operated as a venture within Telenor Group up to 2013.

Today’s Fleetmonitor team consists of people with extensive experience in telecom and IT, innovation and business development, software engineering and supply chain management and logistics. We also work with selected partners which are specialized in their respective field and thereby complementing us. This model enables us to be flexible, fast and efficient.

Fleetmonitor is owned, operated and continuously developed by Yellowfish AB.